Training Days

David Nye – Making Phase boxes

Phase boxes protect and/or arrest deterioration of books in need of professional repair and cleaning, and indicate to users that care is needed when handling the book. You will learn how to create the simple but effective box structure and be shown how it can be used to develop other forms which can be used …

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Nick Cowlishaw – Finishing with foil

A one day workshop showing the different techniques used for titling and finishing books with gold or coloured foils. The use of hand letters, a type holder, blocking press, rolls and pallets will be demonstrated on both cloth and leather covering materials. Participants will be encouraged to practice on dummy backs and boards before finishing their own …

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Lori Sauer – Magic Boxes

Lori Sauer BINDING redefined will teach you how to make Magic Boxes. A full description of the course will be available shortly.

Mark Cockram – Binding

Mark was trained by Maureen Duke and will show you some Duke’s Dodges plus his own ‘efficiencies’ when binding in the studio. This is a chance to learn how to improve techniques and learn new ways of doing things. Mark will take us through the process of binding a winner of the Mann Booker prize …

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Millimetre Binding – David Mills

This two-day course will introduce you to millimetre binding which was first developed in post-war years in Europe when leather was too expensive to use on a regular basis for total binding of a book. There are several styles of this binding which uses a very fine strip of leather edge at the top, bottom …

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